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Partner Services

Partner Services helps people who are HIV-positive (those living with HIV or AIDS) talk to their partners (current or past) who may have been exposed to HIV. Partner Services is a free, voluntary, and confidential service.

A specially trained counselor helps clients explore ways to tell their partners (sex and/or needle sharing) about their possible exposure so that their partners can make informed decisions about their health or about getting tested for HIV. The counselor provides sensitive and private support, answers any questions and concerns, and explores options with clients to tell their partners about possible exposure.

Clients can choose to talk to their partners using one or combination of the following options:

  • Clients choose to talk to their partners by themselves after receiving help from a counselor.
  • Clients choose to talk to their partners together with a counselor.
  • Clients choose to have the health department tell their partners without revealing their name or any personal identifying information.
  • Clients choose a combination of the options above.

Call the AIDS Program at 925-608-5384 or toll free at 800-287-0200 for information about this service.