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Support System

How Dads Can Support Their Breastfeeding Partner

Breastfeeding is a family affair, and dad is an important part of the team.

Breastfeeding is a family affair. It takes time, practice, patience, and teamwork. As a dad, you may feel left out if your partner breastfeeds your new baby. But you play an important role. Here are ways you can offer support and encouragement, and be involved every step of the breastfeeding journey. WIC is there to help every step of the way with resources, support, and answers.

The relationship between mom and baby is special, but so is baby's bond with dad. While breastfeeding may make you feel a little left out, here are some tips on how you and your baby can grow close:

  1. Make time for hugs and cuddles. Human touch is soothing for both you and your baby. Let your baby rest on your chest when lounging around at home.
  2. Talk and sing. Talk or sing to your baby throughout the day, keeping your face close and your eyes on baby.
  3. Play games. Make silly faces, play peek-a-boo, or sing songs for baby. Set aside regular time for this so that as baby grows, this special time becomes a part of your daily routine.
  4. Keep it moving. Carry your baby in a sling or front carrier on walks or as you go about your daily routine.
  5. Help with baby care. You can soothe, bathe, change, dress, and burp your baby. You can also sit and keep mom company during feedings. This helps you bond with baby and supports your partner.

Ways Grandparents Can Support Breastfeeding

These tips help grandparents support their breastfeeding grandchild.

Welcoming a new grandchild into your family is exciting! Naturally, you want the best for him or her. Breastfeeding gives your grandchild the best nutrition for a great start in life. It helps your grandchild grow and develop, feel safe and secure, and have better health.

Here's how you can support your daughter and make her breastfeeding journey a bit easier:

  1. Learn the breastfeeding basics. That way, you can help your daughter prepare to breastfeed and offer advice and encouragement at every stage.
  2. Go the extra mile with house chores. Run errands, cook, clean, or do laundry so that your daughter only has to focus on caring for your grandchild.
  3. Limit visitors. New moms need plenty of rest. Help limit the number of visitors that come to your daughter's home.
  4. Help with baby care. Bathe, change, dress, burp, and soothe your grandchild. And don't forget to snuggle!
  5. Watch for hunger signs. Learn your grandchild's hunger signs, and bring baby back to mom for nursing sessions.
  6. Ask for help. If mom is struggling to breastfeed, encourage her to contact her WIC breastfeeding staff or peer counselor for help.
  7. Defend mom's choice. Not everyone will understand your daughter's decision to breastfeed. You can be the first line of defense against negative comments and anyone who tries to discourage her from breastfeeding.
  8. Give encouragement. Let your daughter know you support her decision to breastfeed. Tell her you're proud of her, and offer as much support as you can.